(Malaysia Ready Stock) 2 pcs/Pair Odor Eliminator Shoe Deodorizer Dehumidification Odor Absorber For Remove Foot Odors & B
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2 pcs/Pair  Odor Eliminator Shoe Deodorizer 
Specifications :
- Dehumidify and inhibit bacteria, naturally absorb the peculiar smell in shoes, leaving a faint fragrance instead.
- Zeolite minerals are moisture-proof and odor-proof.
- A new deodorization method is easy and convenient, just insert the capsule into the shoes.
- Reusable shoe deodorizer keep the shoes dry and leaves no residue, you can wear them on whenever you need them.
- Multiple vents to remove odors, and the scent lasts for more than 3 months.
Material : HIPS
Dimensions : 4.5cm x 12cm x 3cm
Scent : Yellow (lemon flavor) / White (jasmine flavor) / Blue (mint flavor) / Black (pomegranate flavor)

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